SRA will perform together with the architects SANAA agencies Brugel François and Jean-François Lagneau, the restructuring of La Samaritaine.

The new retail space will be distributed mainly around a central axis of movement to cross the site from the Rue de Rivoli to the Pont Neuf. This course and ensure continuity between the Seine and Rivoli buildings. The new facade gives a strong identity to the new set of the Samaritan woman, reinterpreted in a contemporary way and complete the work of previous architects Frantz Jourdain, and Henri Sauvage,

enrolling in the continuity of the thematic and groundbreaking research on glass and metal. A double glass skin finely chopped with fresh corrugation extends along the island Rivoli. This etched glass curtain reflects the surrounding buildings in its folds and hints at the new activity of the Samaritan woman through a subtle interplay of irregular undulations and mastered. The design of the glass curves reinterprets the vertical rhythm of openings Haussmann Rue de Rivoli and entered the building in the continuity of this urban sequence.