Eager to improve construction techniques through every detail and use innovations as a service to architecture, SRA takes its share in supervising numerous ‘ATEX’ procedures, i.e.: Experimental Technical Appreciation. It is involved in experimentation which leads to a flexible and quick evolution in the field of construction systems.

Significant examples:

  • The Bouygues H2O Headquarters displays a curved out full height glazed wall and the lobby features an all-glass staircase
  • CBX Tower in la Defense has an enclosure wall fitted with ‘Shadow Boxes’, one of the first in France
  • Defense Plaza in la Defense was built as per the ‘top-and-down’ process
  • The CMA CGM Tower in Marseille has a structure with curved merging columns, specific chiller beams and was erected using a suspended sliding casting tower, jumping 4 stories at a time.

The ‘ATEX’ procedure was initiated by the ‘CSTB’, i.e.: Building Scientific and Technical Centre, in view to help the concerned professionals with the quick integration of innovations in construction. It is a fast procedure of technical evaluation elaborated by a group of experts regarding any new product, process or system not yet registered by a final ‘AT’ i.e. Technical Advice.