SRA has developed a know-how in High Rise construction in continuation with Saubot-Jullien’s Firm which initiated in the 60’s the first generation towers in France. As of today ( 2010 ) SRA can claim six of them built and two under completion.

The firm gathers all requested competences to elaborate, develop and implement high rise buildings: technical coordination of all involved engineers and contractors, with regard to the applied knowledge of numerous regulations and codes ruling this type of structures. Other major tasks range from context control and management of the applications filed with official agencies, to large scale construction site works management, and to the handover liability whereas responding to Clients requirements.

That class of buildings requires SRA’s architects to work at the closest to the initial concept, so using the most simple means to achieve a timeless completion. Therefore SRA designs towers in a spirit opposed to today’s temporary trends. A high rise building finds its raison-d’être as a tower and its purpose wherein it is proposed.
Thus the project design phase is of prime importance; so is the interior design of these towers for the Office since its creative team is increasingly developing on the construction sites.

SRA works on more and more ambitious projects such as the First, Phare, Carpe Diem Towers. Eager to move ahead, it is attentive to the Asian market where high rises construction schedules are divided by three. SRA regularly favors vocational training internships so to update its technical know how and to accurately complete its own projects.