The lack of a typical environmental pattern architecture, we thus can refer to an attitude, an approach which leads to strengthen the architect/engineer teamwork from the start.

Beside the issues raised from the program, the architectural and technical choices will follow a direction after taking into account the environmental fabric identifying the project context: human, social, economic, biological, vegetal, climatic……

Therefore that consideration will direct the economic and quality options (atmosphere control, air cooling, sun diagram enabling accurate settings, single or double skin, hydroponic walls/roofs, recyclable materials…). During the construction phase SRA carefully oversees the site facilities setting, in relationship with the HQE requirements, and works being implemented by HQE qualified contractors.

In the year 2006 SRA handed over the first ever HQE certified office building in Paris: the Bouygues Holding Headquarters, avenue Hoche.

Today, this process is general. It has been institutionalized as a standard requested by most clients, especially official agencies. The projects on which we are working with specialized engineering firms aim to become emblematic references: First Tower under SRA supervision will become the first HQE restructured high rise building in France.