Le Monde

Site : Paris, France
Program : Offices building, 7 levels,
190 seats auditorium, training room,
restaurant, shops.
Surface : 22 845 m2
Budget : 68 M€
Status : Completion in 2019
Client : SOCIÉTÉ EDITRICE DU MONDE – REDMAN Mission : Development and Completion
In partnership with : Snøhetta (Oslo)

The project consists of a building which could be perceived as a bridge. It is set on the existing roofing slab of the railway track of Gare d’Austerlitz, overlooking a landscaped open space, which initiates the series of office buildings along the south bank of Avenue Pierre Mendès France, in a very unique position as a leading figure at the entrance of the Avenue. This project claims its contextualization and is defined by two differentiated axial relationships. The North-East/South-West axis is defined by its open character, allowing pedestrians to walk through the site but also maintaining views towards the facade of the Austerlitz station, the Salpetrière chapel and the Seine River. The Northwestern/Southeastern axis of the building creates new boundaries that define public space in a very urban context with the project’s envionment.