La Défense – City of Puteaux

This tower is set on an elevated pedestrian plaza adjacent to the axis “Grande Arche – Louvre”. The entrance is marked by a lenticular canopy clad alike the tower. The floor plan is ovoid and progressively wedged at the east end raising to 24 stories; its diameter is the canopy one. The core is excentered so offering a better view to the Grande Arche. These features make PB6 a major landmark of La Defense extensively visited. SRA was also in charge of the interior design.

Program: High rise Building of 48 stories with 5 stories underground, offices, corporate restaurant, cafeteria

Client: PB6 développement – Hines France

Area: 65 000 m²

Mission: Assistance to legal and tender works, development and completion in partnership with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, (New York)

Date: 01.2001