Marseille (13)

The CMA CGM Tower is set within the perimeter of the “City of the Mediterranean Sea”, in the ‘Euroméditerranée’ re development. The double skin is quite transparent and the attic fades into the sky. Its wide anchoring at ground allows a strong urban rooting, without help of a low rise ‘slabs’ typical of the 70’s. Because of the narrowness of the site, the outskirts are lightly landscaped, so asserting the urban and maritime character of this site, as an echo to the close residential park.

Program: High rise building housing the new CMA CGM headquarters 37 stories, 3 at infrastructure and 34 at superstructure. Annexe building: IT rooms, corporate restaurants, services rooms over 3 superstructure stories, and 800 parking lots in 5 infrastructure stories.


Area: 61 867 m²

Mission : Site implementation in partnership with Zaha Hadid Architects – Ove Arup (London), RTA (Marseille)

Date: 03.2011